Friday, 23 October 2009

Today – ‘Foale and Tuffin – Made in England’ is open!

Last night saw a fantastic crowd at the Fashion and Textile Museum for the official opening of the FTM’s newest exhibition ‘Foale and Tuffin – Made in England’.

With the spirit of the swinging 60s in the air, guests were thrilled to see the exhibition officially opened by Sir Paul Smith who, with lighthearted prompts from Marion Foale and Sally Tuffin, recounted his awe as a young man from Nottingham, meeting the two talented designers for the first time at their boutique in Marlborough Court where his “girlfriend from London” Pauline, now his wife, was then working. “[Foale and Tuffin] were such pioneers. It was so revolutionary what they were doing” praised Smith.

There was much admiration for the inspired layout of the new exhibition, which recreates both the Foale and Tuffin boutique and their original workroom, right down to their original rolls of fabric. On the ground floor, a signature red and blue Foale and Tuffin sign illuminates the way for rails of fun and flirty dresses in bright pop colours, whilst upstairs old workbenches boast swatches, buttons, sketches and magazine cards charting their success.

To the right on the top floor, we are brought back to the present day with Marion Foale’s stunning, on-trend hand knitted garments, hats and scarves and Sally Tuffin’s striking hand thrown vases. Guests were thrilled to find many of these items also available to purchase in the popular Shop@FTM which did a roaring trade all evening.

Today, Friday 23rd October, the exhibition opens to the public – head down and get inspired!

all images courtesy of Kirstin Sinclair
filed by Rebecca Kingsland, blog editor

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