Saturday, 2 July 2011

Mind the Gap Y'all!

Hello hello! I’m Landis, the new social media intern for the Fashion and Textile Museum. There’s a lot happening here at the FTM and we need some help getting the word out.

I’m a southern girl from the University of Georgia (in a land far far away -- actually only 8 miserable hours on a plane) itching to get my hands dirty in the marketing and fashion industries.

I just started with the FTM, and I am excited to help expand their use of social media to alert more people about what the FTM offers. Of course I don’t exactly know where to start and need your help. Most importantly, visit the Fashion and Textile Museum if you have any interest in fashion, textiles or jewellery!

We’ll be utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and maybe a couple of blogs – but be sure to send me your ideas. Mind the gap y’all, I’m about to blow up your newsfeed.

I may not be a city girl, but boy do I love fashion -- anything and everything about it. The FTM is the perfect place to take a peek into contemporary fashion exhibits, learn more about the fashion industry by taking a FTM-sponsored workshop, or shop the FTM store for collections from up and coming designers. There’s even a great little restaurant (The Teapod) serving up a vibrant menu of goodies throughout the day. You should taste their quiches, they are always sooo good Have I mentioned I love working here yet?

The FTM is located in the coolest building right in the middle of fashionable Bermondsey Village. The building was designed by Ricardo Legorreta and is painted pink, orange, and blue – capturing the flavour of the area.

Our current exhibition should not be missed- Tommy Nutter: Rebel on the Row. The exhibit displays Nutter’s unique style and Edward Sexton’s tailoring of glamorous suits. Ladies and young, handsome British gentlemen come take a look (and meet me while you’re here)!

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